Technology has blurred the line between virtual and real life, especially among the youth and children who are hooked to cyber games. Every year a variety of new games take the world by storm. The people who are glued 24 × 7 hours to the social media soon get victimised and lose everything. They forget about the love of their beloved ones, neglect the concern of their loving friends and begin to make company with terrifying solitude. They find no meaning in their lives.
Onam is a season when people plan and play games related to their rich and glorious culture. Age and gender never restrict them from joining in the games. Everyone comes out of their homes – and finally it becomes the celebration of that particular land.
Both participation and cheering for teams cement the oneness. The chemistry between the players and the spectators is very important for the winning teams.
We need to say ‘Good-bye’ to the fearful, deadly games played in solitude. Happiness lies not with virtual images but with real images, because these are our brothers and sisters.


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NIEARTs 10th Excellence Award was presented to Rev. Fr. Dr. Kurian Chalangady CMI (Principal, Christ Nagar Higher

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